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Pain Relief and Flexibility
Case Study – Alan

Pain Relief and Flexibility

After suffering from back problems for a number of years, Alan Tarbuck’s wife recommended Mark’s services.

“Although my back problems are the main issue,” Alan explained, “they also trigger problems in other areas such as hamstrings, therefore getting treatment is important to help me in lots of ways. I’d tried sports massage before, but Mark is extremely good.”

Alan, 59 from Peterborough, added, “Mark is excellent at listening to clients and tailoring his treatment to achieve most impact. I tend to see him about every 6 weeks as my muscles tighten up.”

Alan manages his back problems through receiving chiropractic treatment and massage therapy. He enjoys cycling, practicing yoga and swimming 3 times a week, so managing his pain is very important.

“Seeing Mark has given me pain relief and overall better flexibility. He also gives great advice on stretching, which you can do around your appointments to further improve your results.”

“Mark is very professional and effective. He is based in a good location and he’s very good value for money. I would definitely recommend him.”