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Working Wonders
Case Study – Julie Jennings

Working Wonders

Julie Jennings came across Mark by pure accident. “My husband bought me a pamper session for an establishment that Mark previously worked at,” the 49 year old explained. “I didn’t feel that the massage I had was deep enough to address the problems I was experiencing, and then I noticed that a sports therapist was employed there, so I booked in with Mark.”

Julie, from Turvey in Bedfordshire, is a retired police officer who was released from the service due to ill health. “I have ongoing back problems relating to disc protrusions, and I also have a problem with my neck and shoulders with occasional tennis elbow. Initially I had a series of treatments over a few months to get on top of the problems with rotor cuffs in my shoulders, and muscle tightness in my neck and back. Then we progressed to having top ups that helped to maintain the work he’d previously done, eventually tailing off when I could manage my own aches and pains.”

Mark is able to offer more than just massage therapy. With a large range of qualifications, he can give advice on activities his clients can do at home to further aid recovery. Julie explained, “Mark has given help and recommendations to doing exercises and alternatives which have been invaluable during COVID-19 times.”

“The treatment I received from Mark has helped to release the tension and knots in my muscles and stretch them out, whilst also advising how I can maintain this myself, which is of great use. He used deep tissue massage and stretches. I might have had a range of issues, but Mark has worked wonders with all of them.”

Julie is used to an active lifestyle. Not only has she got 5 step children, 3 grandsons and 2 cats to keep her busy, but Julie and her husband, Neil, are currently renovating the house. And when she’s not working on home or family life, she enjoys pilates, yoga and gym classes, as well as pottery, knitting, crafting, baking, music, fitness and socialising. Being so used to activities, Mark’s help has been invaluable.

“I would definitely recommend Mark,” Julie added. “He is very professional, personable and brilliant at his job. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge, and he’s also reasonably priced.”