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In Safe Hands

Case Study – Fiona Lok

In Safe Hands

Mum of 2, Fiona Lok from Wellingborough, met Mark 10 years ago when she attended his Zumba classes. But after an accident that left her in terrible pain, she sought Mark’s help in another way.

“One Winter, probably 7 years ago now, I slipped and fell on black ice and really hurt myself,” Fiona says. “Scans and hospital visits proved it wasn’t anything major, thank goodness, but I had knocked my pelvis out of place. The pain was awful. I heard that Mark was qualified in sports massage so I discussed my condition with him.”

Initially Mark will always take the time to understand his clients’ issues and assess how best he can help. Even if it’s not always with massage therapy. “At that time I wasn’t confident enough to go for treatment,” the 41 year old explained. “Mark totally understood this. Instead he gave me a detailed plan of core and strength exercises that I could do from home. This really helped me and, in time, I felt confident enough to go for treatment.”

Whilst continuing the exercises from home, Fiona began to see Mark for treatment. “He was very patient with me and made me feel at ease. I was soon out of pain again and was able to reduce how often I saw him.”

Ongoing, Fiona has been able to manage things well. “I still have the odd twinge now and then, but Mark has equipped me to know when I need to seek his help and when I need to go back to my stretches at home. He will always accommodate an appointment for me ASAP and always checks to see how I am afterwards. It is a comfort to know I am in safe hands and I’m well looked after.”

Fiona’s family all live very busy lives, and Mark now helps them all to make sure they stay active. “As a family we now all see Mark when we have a need. My husband and boys are all into running and athletics. They always need maintenance checks and they appreciate Mark’s expertise and support.
All of us always recommend him to our friends and family. We have built up a trusting relationship with him and we’d never go anywhere else!”