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Physical therapist

Massage therapy treatments are for everyone, from office workers or stay at home parents, to sports people or those who are retired. No matter who you are, there are benefits of massage. These are some areas that massage can help with:

Stress and anxiety

Low mood

Poor sleep

Chronic pain

Poor posture


Low energy levels

Lack of performance

My treatments are always thoroughly thought through after taking the time to properly understand what has been troubling you. I look at what has been happening and then, more importantly, I explore why this has been happening. Following that I will come up with a plan of how I can help. I tailor my services for every person I see. The only thing that matters is what’s right for you.

I currently treat clients with fibromyalgia, sporting injuries, day to day wear and tear and arthritis, just to name a few.

The therapies I offer include, Deep Tissue Massage, Remedial Massage and Sports & Soft Tissue Massage. But before we decide what massage you need, let’s find out what’s bothering you.

Physiotherapy leg massage

Because I have more training and experience than just massage therapy, I’m able to offer you advice and guidance on what exercises and other activities you could do that will help with your problems, as well as provide the massage therapy.

If you’d like to explore how massage therapy could help you:

“Mark is excellent at listening to clients and tailoring his treatment to achieve most impact.” Alan, Peterborough.

“Mark has given me stretches and exercises to do as well, around the massage therapy. These additional things have really helped me to maintain my mobility and fitness.” Geraldine, Bedford