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Back Pain a Thing of the Past
Case Study – Geraldine

Back Pain a Thing of the Past

Geraldine Metcalf hurt her back 20 years ago and has been suffering ever since. “I slipped on a wet surface and was then off work for 6 months,” the 62 year old from Bedford explained. “The issues in my back have never gone, then about three or four years ago someone recommended Mark to me. I haven’t looked back since.”

Geraldine manages her pain through seeing a chiropractor and receiving sports massage therapy from Mark. “Between them, they keep me on the straight and narrow!” Geraldine said. “As a sports volunteer, I need to be reasonably fit for what sometimes can be long daily, weekly or weekend sessions. I don’t think I could manage it without the help.”

Geraldine sees Mark every four to six weeks to receive treatment. More than just being a qualified Massage Therapist though, Mark also has Personal Training, Exercise Referral and Yoga qualifications. “Mark has given me stretches and exercises to do as well, around the massage therapy. These additional things have really helped me to maintain my mobility and fitness.”

“Being a very active person, I could not be happier with what Mark has done for me. Under normal circumstances, I volunteer most weekends for British Swimming, a sport I got into when my children were younger. I swim 4500m+ a week. And when I’m not doing that, I walk, cycle and spend time with my family, including my seven grandsons. Thanks to the ongoing care I’m receiving, I am no longer in pain or have any restrictions, and I’m able to live the life I want. I would definitely recommend Mark, and in fact I have already done so. He’s very good.”